The Funky Bunker is a recording studio and rehearsal room in West Malvern
Westminster Bank, West Malvern, WR14 4BN
Funky Bunker
Funky Bunker
Funky Bunker

The Funky Bunker is close to completion

The Funky Bunker is a rehearsal room and multi-track recording facility in West Malvern.

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 Purpose built by musicians for musicians, the Funky Bunker provides a space to rehearse, record and relax on the slopes of the awe-inspiring Malvern Hills.


With a fully equipped PA, mixer, microphones, guitar amps, bass amps and a drum kit the Funky Bunker is a walk-in rehearsal room.  And if you want to store your gear with us, why not take advantage of our secure storage pods which are big enough for a drum kit and several amps.


The recording studio is based around a Presonus AI 32-4-2 for multi channel recording and has a  decoupled control room and a bespoke vocal booth.


With free-standing baffles and tune-able bass traps the recording room sounds fantastic - the perfect place to perfect your sound.

The studio facility is also designed to be ideal for television and

video voice-overs and radio commercial production.


If you would like to know more, email us at


We currently have 1 of our 8 pods available.


Tap 'Contact' if you would like one.

Funky Bunker Ltd. Company no: 09350589  Reg Office: Raglan House, Westminster Banks, Malvern WR14 4BN