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If you’re looking for somewhere to rehearse, you’ve found it. With PA, backline and drum kit. Find out how good a rehearsal room can be.


The studio is built around a Presonus 32 channel digital desk. Recording to Mac or PC using Presonus Studio One, Logic Audio or Reaper.​


From simple public address systems with a single microphone to huge festival stages. Funky Bunker Audio should be first on your list.

Rehearsal room - walk in, turn on, play!

With everything you need to rehearse, the Funky Bunker is the best sounding rehearsal room in the Three Counties. Having a full PA with quality vocal mics – Shure SM58s / Sennheiser E835s. Two LD Systems ICOA 12″ active speakers as front of house.  Three Mackie SRM350 floor monitors.  A Presonus AR16 sixteen channel mixer, a TC Electronics punchy 500W bass rig with two 2×10″ cabs. Fender Princeton and Fender Blues Deluxe valve amps.  Line 6 Auritone III solid state guitar amp.  An enviable Ludwig drum kit with Mapex snare.

It all means you can stroll in with just your guitar and your drummer’s breakables.  Walk-in, turn on and play.

We spent a lot of time making the rehearsal room sound great. We constructed ceiling and wall panels with sound dampening specifically designed to eliminate standing waves.  This means that there are no parallel surfaces so you hear what you’re playing without having to be mega-loud. Your ears (and your band-mates) will thank you!

But, don’t take our word for it . . .

Funky Bunker Funky Bunker
"The live room has the best sound out of any of the other local rehearsal spaces I've used (you don't get drowned out by the drums because the sound proofing is top notch), it's clean and comfortable, always accommodating to specific sound needs and equipment and just overall a nice environment to relax and get creative."
Funky Bunker Funky Bunker
"The perfect rehearsal space and very reasonable prices . . . no complaints at all very nice space and well managed, will be back for sure."
Funky Bunker Funky Bunker
Jon Hall

The best rehearsal room around

Whatever you call them; practice rooms, rehearsal space, band space or music rehearsal room, good rehearsal rooms or rehearsal spaces can be hard to find.  How many times have you turned up to find shoddy PAs and cheap mixing desks? Or budget microphones, backline and drum kit?  At the Funky Bunker you only get the best.  If you’re looking for somewhere to rehearse, you’ve found it.  Book now to find out just how good a rehearsal room can be.  And remember, a band that sounds good in rehearsals, sound good live.  The Funky Bunker is the perfect place to perfect your sound.

The recording studio is based around a Presonus AI 32-4-2 for multi channel recording and has a decoupled control room and a bespoke vocal booth.  With free-standing baffles and tunable bass traps the recording room sounds fantastic – the perfect place to perfect your sound.  The studio facility is also designed to be ideal for television and video voice-overs, talking books, oral histories, pod-casts and radio commercial production.

Funky Bunker Funky Bunker