Digital multi-track recording

Logic AudioCubaseStudio One

Based around a Presonus StudioLive 32-4-2 desk to give 32 track HDD recording for export to any digital audio workstation.

Or mix in house with Logic Audio, Cubase, Reaper or Studio One.   A fine selection of valve and dynamic mics: Neumann, AKG, Shure, SE and Sennheiser.    

Experienced engineers and producers.  Our basic dry-hire studio rate is £25 p/hr.  Engineers and producers will charge their hourly rate.

Dry hire and complete recording packages are available.  Contact us for details.

Sounding good

To record good audio you have to start with good microphones.  At the Funky Bunker we have a great selection of top quality microphones suitable for all sorts of applications.  The classic Neumann U87 is widely regarded as one of the best vocal microphones in the world.  AKG’s C3000s and C1000s are excellent all-rounders and can be used for everything from guitars to brass to drums.  The AKG D112 delivers classic kick drum while dependable Shure SM57s and SM58s are good for everything from hi-hats to trumpets.  The mic pre-amps on the Presonus AI desk are excellent with 65dB of clean gain that deliver an airy clarity which flatters all types of instruments and vocals. For studio monitors we have a pair of PMC TB2As.  Punchy yet remarkably un-coloured units that let you know exactly how you sound.


      “Awesome sounding studio”